Candidate, District 12


Dear Friends,

Since 2005, I’ve had the immense privilege of serving the residents of District 15 in the Madison Common Council as Alderperson.

Now, in 2013 I’m running to represent the residents of District 12. I look forward to meeting residents and finding out your concerns and interests.

I’m known for seeking and listening to residents and the community. I promise to you that I will work my hardest to represent you and your neighbors.

I thank you for your support, and I look forward to continuing to deliver results for you.


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“Larry Palm represented a neighboring area before district lines were redrawn; he’s always been an outstanding constituent-service alder. And Pam tackles challenging citywide issues and seeks to identify smart solutions that balance competing interests.”

“We’re glad Palm wants to stick around. A Madison School District employee, Palm has been a strong advocate for Madison’s libraries, lakes and community gardens. He also prioritized redevelopment of the large Royster-Clark property. Palm is the easy choice.”

Larry is the only candidate endorsed by both The Cap Times and the Wisconsin State Journal.